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Thursday, January 13, 2005

I am man

On my way back from the gym I noticed that my left headlight was out, so I bought a set of two in case one was brighter than the other, and came home to change them. I hate it when people drive around with headlights of different brightness. Anyway, I had changed the right one before, so I figured it was no big thing, but then I saw that there's a bunch of stuff in the way of the left one (battery, etc.) and became worried. I was able to follow the directions in the manual and successfully replaced both bulbs. When I was finished, my hands were covered with... well, I guess it was dirt, and I was awash in manly hormones. I am seriously considering becoming a Republican, but I'm sure it will pass tomorrow when I take the car in for an oil change and they tell me that they have to replace something I broke trying to get to the bulb. Still, tonight, it is Dan 1, car 0. I am man.


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