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Friday, July 21, 2006

Dan Fights Unemployment

So after nearly 4 months of joblessness I have been hired by the Student Empowerment Training Project to work with college student governments and help them to become more effective. Dan is in a good mood today, and so are his parents and his creditors.


Anonymous rachel said...

Yay Dan!!! That's super happy news!

My last day of work is (hopefully) the 31st...I can't wait. New jobs are great! Hopefully I'll get one too!


21 July, 2006 16:40  
Blogger Maire said...

Congrats, Dan! Hope you enjoy your new digs!!

24 July, 2006 11:16  
Blogger sanskritg said...

Welcome back to ranks of the gainfully employed!

30 July, 2006 11:01  

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