International House of Dan: Evil Soccer Game Ends in Violence

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Evil Soccer Game Ends in Violence

The remaining members of the "axis of evil" faced off Wednesday in Pyongyang's Kim Il-sung stadium, as Iran visited North Korea for a World Cup qualifier. Both Iran and North Korea scored on North Korea, and the resulting 2-0 score sparked violence from the home fans. Police and military lined the track separating the field from the crowd of 60,000 "after defender Nam Song-chol was sent off for shoving Syrian referee Mohamed Kousa."

I could find no comment from the State Department, but I suspect that the North Korean's shoving of the Syrian referee will be interpreted as a sign that Syria is not yet evil enough to belong to the "axis." Iran, on the other hand, solidified its leadership among evil countries, as Wednesday's violence comes just days after 5 were trampled in Tehran by 100,000 fans following a 2-1 win over visiting Japan.


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