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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Thoughts on Schiavo

First of all, today is Wednesday, so those who've ordered Genocide t-shirts, remember to wear them. I have four comments to share on the Schiavo thing going on right now:

1) The name is Terri Schiavo, and I cannot understand why the media keeps pronouncing it "Schaivo". My bewilderment was solidified when a guest commentator on NPR today pronounced it with the "i" before the "a" (Shee-ah-voh), as I pronounce it. Read this point again, I'm not saying that my pronunciation is correct, only that pronouncing it Schaivo (Shah-ee-voh) seems odd.

2) While on the media, why are so few writing or talking about what caused the "potassium deficiency" that put her in this situation? The woman was bulimic. There are many of these "blogs for Terri" out there who try to refute this, arguing that she was never diagnosed with an eating disorder. (You find more of them if you spell "bulimia" with and "e"). The assertion that she was bulimic flows from the successful multi-million dollar malpractice suit filed on her behalf following her collapse. (If a civil suit finding on Schiavo won't persuade people of her condition, then people should afford the same skepticism to the civil verdict against O.J. Simpson). Without getting into the irony of a woman's decision to starve herself, although it could kill her, resulting in the public's decision not to let her starve, because it will kill her, I do feel that the media as a whole is missing out on a tremendous opportunity to educate young women on the dangers of eating disorders.

3) While on what the media is and is not reporting, I find it very interesting that the same Republican party that champions state and individual rights when it comes to Social Security, education, church and state, and abstinence education (among others) finds it necessary to side with "big government" when it comes to this case. In a rare bow to the far right reactionaries who happen to share a party with Lincoln, I commend those who've picked up on this hypocrisy and denounced the unconstitutional and politically motivated waste of government time and resources that is legislating the fate of an individual.

4) While on politically motivated exercises, I have to call President Bush on his thinly veiled attempt to use this woman's tragic situation to advance his crusade against a woman's right to choose. His brief statement on Schiavo, and the message that Republicans are being careful to stick with, is that they want to create "a presumption in favor of life". Literally, "pro life". Make no mistake about it, this goes right along with charging two counts of murder for killing a pregnant woman, it is nothing more than trying to set the stage for an assault on Roe v. Wade. I know that most of you who read this little blog have already picked up on the Right's "subtlety", but I feel that I have to stress it, in case there's somebody reading over your shoulder who has not.

Also, sorry I've been absent, I've had internet access issues coupled with a looming deadline for a report on the judiciary and local government of Ghana for Lawyers Without Borders... oh yeah, and work. There will soon be a flurry of posts, as I finish my St. Pat's deal and "U.S. vs. Treaty Law, Part III", as well as a primer on the international law of war that I started for the anniversary of the Iraq invasion on the 19th.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm, interesting. I didn't know that she was buli(e)mic. Indeed, the irony is quite real.

Really, Dan, I am quite sincerely in awe of your blog. I read it all the time and am always impressed by what I learn and how much research you have put into what you write. You are sensational, my friend.

25 March, 2005 11:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, and yes, I did wear my genocide t-shirt on Wednesday. I wished that someone at the gym would have stopped me and asked me what it was or where I got it, but alas, nada. I do, however have to tell you a brief story...So, I was at work on Wednesday night, being bored and talking with Mary Sue (server) and Jeremy (host) and I was telling them about the genocide t-shirts, and the genocide, and the mission of wearing the shirts, etc., when, in the middle of one of my sentences, Mary Sue says "I really like your watch". I WAS TALKING ABOUT GENOCIDE!! "I really like your watch??" Are you kidding me? So, I guess that's the reason why I can't find real work. Nobody seems to care about what it actually going on in the world. It makes me so very sad and so very, very scared. Please keep up the good work.

25 March, 2005 11:35  

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