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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Genocide T-Shirts: How Long is 'Never Again'?

It has been brought to my attention that funds for Darfur victims are being raised by a group of law students through Please take $20 and a minute to buy one of these t-shirts, and please be sure to wear it on Wednesdays. I know wearing a shirt on a given day might seem like nothing, but you never know when you could be walking in front of someone important who might be moved to action by your digs. Special thanks to Rachel for bringing this to my attention, here is the information she forwarded to me:


As part of the international campaign to end the atrocities in Darfur, Sudan, students from American University Washington College of Law launched a t-shirt campaign that asks the question “How Long Is 'Never Again?'” For months we have waited for the UN Security Council to take action in Darfur. But as is always the case with politics, whether it be international or local, change does not come until the people’s voices are heard!

Let your voice be heard. Join activists from across the world who have purchased the “Genocide: How Long is Never Again?” T-shirt and have pledged to wear it in solidarity with the victims of genocide EVERY WEDNESDAY until the atrocities in Darfur are brought to a halt and those responsible are brought to justice.

T-shirts and other apparel in various styles and prices are available at

All proceeds will be donated to humanitarian relief organizations working on the ground in Darfur and Chad. For additional information, please email Amelia Parker at

These shirts come in a variety of styles and the design looks good while making a powerful statement. Please buy one and wear it on Wednesdays so we can keep this tragedy in the public consciousness, now that press is dying down on Hotel Rwanda. It is possible to bring about results by keeping dialogue alive, and if you can't take the time to write letters to Congress, perhaps by wearing the shirt you will motivate someone who can. I'd like to start seeing these things on strangers on the street, and I want people to come up and say they saw someone else wearing one, and asking what the deal is. When they do that, tell them what the deal is, and tell them to buy a shirt.


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