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Friday, September 09, 2005

Updates And Predictions

I predict that my inexcusable neglect of this little corner of cyberspace will hopefully be remedied soon. I mean it this time. I am in the process of securing permanent internet access at home, which will free me from the shackles of Panera's tyrannical hours of operation, and from having work interrupt my blogging at the office.

As far as updates go, the more observant among you will notice that my age, as it appears next to my little picture on the margin, has increased by one. This happened on Wednesday, and the names of those of you who did not call, write, or buy me something have been properly noted for retributive action. Additionally, I have added a new link to my pet project: the Chicago Alliance for the International Criminal Court. My efforts to get this thing off the ground have been frankly pathetic, so as part of a concerted effort to start doing everything better, I have decided to get cracking on this thing. Still in its infancy, the CAICC will one day include various local religious, civic, academic and social organizations and be a resounding voice of area support for US participation in the ICC. Much work remains to be done on the CAICC site, but at least it's up there.

I am off to Kansas City for the weekend to see the family and some friends, and to attend the Wizards-Metrostars match. I will be rooting against New York in that game, of course, while simultaneously praying that the Yankees give the Bosox the beating they so richly deserve, thereby regaining first place in the AL East and making me some cash.

Obviously I've been having many interesting discussions on Katrina, Rehnquist, and various other matters, and I will try to include my thoughts on them here in the coming days. Thank you for your patience...


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Happy belated birthday, by the way.

15 September, 2005 16:32  

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