International House of Dan: Alito Hearings on C-SPAN

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alito Hearings on C-SPAN

Who are those two women behind him and what the hell do they find so funny?


Blogger Maire said...

I think that's the wife and daughter.

perhaps they can't mask their giggles over the dumb southern accents or the rants of the republicans. or in saddness, they think he's a "sure thing" and are smirking. *sigh*

11 January, 2006 14:46  
Blogger thinksam said...

If only having an accent made someone dumb...

17 January, 2006 15:21  
Blogger sanskritg said...

Dude, it's been a month. Give me something worth linking to.

08 February, 2006 00:48  

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