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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Best Countdown Ever?

I just saw a commercial on Bravo while watching a West Wing rerun that got me thinking about putting together a countdown of the year's most important events in the fields of international and domestic law and politics, sports, and general random reality. I suppose the list should be neutral in terms of whether in my humble opinion, history would judge an event as good (the Rome Statute got its 100th ratification), bad (Justice O'Connor announced her retirement), or probably unimportant in the grand scheme of things but still pretty cool (Japanese scientists shot video of giant squid).

If anyone would like to suggest an event, something that happened that you think just has to make the cut, then I encourage you to drop me a line. At first I thought the list should have 100 events, but I think that I would probably never write it, and most of you would probably never read it. 50 might be a good number to shoot for, 25 would probably be more realistic. I'm not asking anyone to rank suggested events (unless you want to) in order of importance, I'll assemble an expert panel for that purpose (meaning I'll choose arbitrarily and some of you will get phone calls to help decide tie-breaks).

A lot happens in the world each year, and I'm sure I've forgotten a momentous event or two. Please help me assemble the best countdown you'll never see on VH1


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