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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Something to take your mind off the inauguration...

I haven't quite digested all the coverage about the inauguration yet, so I don't want to get too much into that yet. I'd like to skip over the obvious (like the overuse of the word "freedom" in the inaugural address, contrasted with... well, with a lot, actually...), except to say that I was very disappointed in the protest reality going on down there. I was really psyched about the idea of protesters sneaking in dressed like "normal" people, and then turning their backs as Mr. Bush drove by. I know that some people did it, but, I was really looking forward to some great footage of thousands turning their backs as the limo went by.

In any event, this website was brought to my attention this afternoon, and I must say, it's pretty great. Basically, it's like playing 20 questions with the computer, except the questions are not limited to 20, and you have to be either a TV series character or a dictator. Ok, now that I think about it it's pretty lame, but it passes the time surprisingly well!

Other than that, it's snowing in Chicago... that's about it.


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