International House of Dan: IHOD has moved!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

IHOD has moved!

The International House of Dan has moved... to Chicago. I have taken a temporary gig doing Union representation and moved to a nifty little studio that’s the about the size of my old bedroom, but is in a really neat part of town. So forgive me for having been absent from my little blog, I have been quite busy, and I’m having trouble getting the Internet to cooperate with my computer.

More happy news, as through some unusual coincidence, my landlord’s wife works for the office of “this guy named Bassiouni”... so now I have to turn this very tenuous link with the God of international law into a long-lasting friendship, so that one day, Bassiouni and I will hang out, play chess, talk about international law, and collaborate on important projects, such as journal articles, and letters of recommendation for me. I’m not sure how this will come to pass, but the fact that there is now about one degree of separation between myself and Bassiouni proves that anything is possible.

Check back soon, as frequent posts will resume once my life here is all in place and the wi-fi at Panera keeps working.


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