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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mom, Dad, I Think It's Time You Come To Chicago

This is what happens when I'm gone for a few months? On January 26th, David Sater and these religious nutjobs introduced House Concurrent Resolution No. 13 in the Missouri House. It (not essentially, not basically, overtly) tries to legalize (even mandate?) school prayer and public religious displays.

Sure, the Missouri Constitution allows this (on paper) because they were careful to make it "voluntary", never mind the fact that a concurrent resolution has the same weight in law as anything I write on here does. Fortunately, under the "ten-day rule" (Mo. House Rule 43), the proposed bill was dropped from the calendar, and (Charles, correct me if I'm wrong) is as dead as the brain of Mr. Sater.

Fortunately, this was just an annoying exercise in pandering by a rural state legislator, but unfortunately it was likely a test balloon for something far more sinister. I wouldn't put it past Governor Blunt to have started this fiasco in order to test the waters for an actual bill on the matter. His role in Missouri's gay marriage ban is notorious, and likely an indication of his twisted Bush-like intentions to use the Bible as a step stool to a higher office.

I'll be happy to elaborate on the Federal case law regarding the Separation of Church and State at a later date.


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