International House of Dan: January 2007

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Absence And Illness

My absence of late is due to the fact that I am attempting to take the Illinois Bar Exam in February. I say "attempting" because I did this at the last minute (thanks Dad!!) and several forms need to be received by the Board of Law Examiners in order for me to even be able to sit for the exam... wish me luck.

The illness is due to the remarks of Defense official Charles Stimson on attorneys representing Guantanamo detainees. Frankly, it made me sick to read this. He suggested that CEO's represented by firms that have attorneys doing pro bono work for Guantanamo detainees take their business elsewhere. I find his remarks repugnant to justice and the presumption of innocence, probably unethical, and possibly unlawful.

The White House is reportedly distancing itself from Mr. Stimson, who is an attorney; good for them. Not since the English Bar prevented Sir Andrew Clark from participating in the defense of the accused at Nuremberg* has there been such blatant disrespect paid by power to reason. As far as I know, Charles Stimson is not related to the man who insisted on trials to follow World War II: Henry Stimson; good for him.

*Given the vital role that the defense plays in any criminal trial, it is disturbing to me that there is such a disparity in the information available online about Nuremberg prosecutors as opposed to defense counsel.