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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Joy to the World...

The Tigers won... and kU lost!! Yesterday was a good day, the sun shone, the birds chirped, and all was well. In other news, North Korea basically told us to (bleep) off, and that they would just go on their merry way with their nukes. This is an unsettling turn of events, to say the least, if nothing else because as the Daily Show pointed out, they are only able to hit "blue states".

Our policy on nuclear weapons is scary, to say the least. We basically ask the world not to arm itself, but to trust us, because we'll only use our growing nukes for good. This is understandably unsettling to foreign leaders, particularly those who for some reason, oh, I don't know, being put on the "Axis of Evil" for example, feel that we are likely to target them. Our hypocrisy is especially troubling when it comes to the Test Ban Treaty, an accord that we use to justify our pleas for non-proliferation, while refusing to sign on ourselves.

I will keep this short, because I have to go move my car, but I would just like to make a point about nuclear weapons. They are scary, scary things, and we should continue to work towards their eradication. Building more nukes is bad, building more low-yield tactical nukes is bad, and trying to get others to stop building nukes will be easier once we stop doing it ourselves.

The increasing bellicosity of Japan is troubling, but it makes sense given their place in the world, and our decreasing attention to their defensive needs. It also helps that those who can speak to the horrors of nuclear warfare are dying off, their message lost on current generations who have only read about Hiroshima and Nagasaki in history books. We should see it as a big red flag that some in Japan would like to acquire nukes. We should stop and take stock of our stockpiles, and the message that they send to others. We should stop building nukes, we should do it now, and we should especially do it if we expect others to follow suit.


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