International House of Dan: TIGERS WIN!!

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Oh me, oh my, Mizzou upset Oklahoma in overtime 68-65 at Columbia this afternoon. I, for one, missed the triumphant return of the Tigers, as I left Peg Leg Sullivan's at the half in order to get to a picket at an area nursing home (I'm working for SEIU). I'm starting to think that maybe I'm to blame for this miserable season since normally I watch the whole game. Then again, I haven't watched the last few losses, so perhaps I'm being too hard on myself.

In related news (barely), the Tamil Tigers received praise from the Sri Lankan government for showing restraint following last week's killing of an LTTE leader. The 3 year old truce in place appears to be living another day as a result of this restraint, and I find the parallels between the situation in Sri Lanka and the Israeli-Palestinian cease fire remarkable.

In an interesting segue from my last post, the Tamil Tigers' motto, "Freedom isn't given. It has to be fought for and won." reminds me an awful lot of those "Freedom isn't free" bumper stickers I used to see on pickups in Missouri. It's always interesting to notice how much extremist ideology resembles that of its enemies. The Christian Right in America wants to put Jesus in the White House and subject us all to (their interpretation of) his teachings, but they staunchly favor the secularization of the Middle East. Among them is President Bush, who , surprisingly, is against writing "God is great" on the flag... well, on the Iraqi flag, anyway. African American ministers who rail against legalizing gay marriage by citing "perversion" and God, begin to sound a lot like White Southerners who used to rail against legalizing interracial marriage. Pro-lifers who cite the sanctity of life tend to favor capital punishment (interestingly, the reverse position is often not contradictory... I don't consider a fetus a human being).

In any event, the last time I checked (which I guess was Wednesday), the Tamil Tigers are a terrorist organization in the context of the "war on terror." Of course most of the supporters of the "war on terror" who inadvertently drape a terrorist slogan across the U.S. flag on stickers and t-shirts probably don't know where Sri Lanka is, or what it is, for that matter. After all, nothing goes better with blind fanaticism than staggering ignorance. I should know, I keep saying Mizzou will go all the way.


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